P.S. I Graduated

Jenessa at Graduation

Me at Graduation

Picture it:  June 11, 2011.  Husky Stadium.  An overcast but warm day.  Several thousand people dressed just like me.  And some in poncy purple doctoral garb with funny poofy hats.  I graduated.  I am now the proud possessor of a Bachelor of Arts in Near Eastern Studies:  Languages and Civilizations, with an emphasis in Arabic.  I am done.

I feel like my mission plans have consumed all of my thoughts and energy and I have given very little consideration to the milestone that graduating from college is (grammatical side note:  I just realized that in English we sometimes stick the verb at the end of dependent clauses, just like in German–interesting. . . or perhaps I should have said “the milestone that is graduation,” but that change the gerund to a noun and therefore alters the meaning slightly–thoughts?).  It is kind of a big deal.

Or at least my family thought so.  My mom and dad (and Duncan) came over to see me graduate with my best friend Liz and her mom Sister Smith (who is one of my mom’s best friends).  They brought a cake.  And a full Thanksgiving dinner.  They were really proud and I was a little bit surprised how important it was to them.  And flattered.

Jenessa and Liz after graduation

Me and Liz (and a Redvine and Alan Rickman) After Graduation

 The Smiths gave me lovely card and a stuffed Husky (I named him “Reign” which is what I voted for our new live Husky mascot to be named, but “Dubs” won).  We then went to Melina’s musical.  It was a great day!  It was so nice to feel loved and appreciated.  I have the best family and friends.  Oh, and the ceremony wasn’t even as long or as horrible as I had thought that it would be.  I spent most of the time coloring a picture of Snape in my Harry Potter coloring book.  I also got to sit with my dear friend Hannah, which made it much more endurable.

Me and Hannah After Walking Across the Stage


About gwenogjones

I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, serving for 18 months in the Korea Busan Mission (as of September 7, 2011). I have a fanatical obsession with Snape and the Harry Potter series (in that order), I recently graduated from university majoring in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (Arabic). Prior to this major, I was working towards a degree in Jazz Saxophone performance; ergo, I love music. I also love reading, writing, painting, spending time with my friends, playing soccer, watching movies...the usual types of things early 20-somethings enjoy.
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2 Responses to P.S. I Graduated

  1. Kristin says:

    You looked so beautiful at graduation!

    • gwenogjones says:

      Aw, thanks! You’re tooo kind! Also, I love how you are pretty much my only reader. Love you! I am so glad that I got to see you last week, even if it wasn’t for very long.

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