Mother’s Day

“Who can find a virtuous woman?  for her price is far above rubies.
“Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.  She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness…her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her…Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain:  but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.”
–Proverbs, 31:10,25-26,28,30
My dear friends, the writer of Proverbs 31 was a visionary being.  For he saw into the future and perfectly described my mom.  Maybe you don’t know my mom.  If you don’t, you are sorely deprived.  But if you are privileged to know her, than you know that these words are true.
Join me for a moment as I wander through the history of my life with the lens directed on my mother.
My mom gave birth to me, her second child via c-section.  It was necessary as my sister’s birth had been complicated and had necessitated that she, too, be born by c-section.  I am so grateful that my mom decided to have another child after the hardship of my sister’s birth.  But, I suppose, I could again refer to the scriptures on this count, this time quoting from John 16:21–“when a woman travails, she has sorrow, but when the child is born she remembers her anguish no more and rejoices.”  (That was probably mostly severely paraphrased.  But you get the gist.)  My mom is a woman who knows that children are “an heritage of the Lord” and wanted so desperately to be a mother.  I am so grateful that she gave birth to me.
My mom and I were always friends.  Some of my most cherished memories of childhood are times when it was just me and my mom.  When we would cuddle up together on the couch and read, I was the happiest.  I loved just being near her.  She was so kind and gentle.
And I was not the easiest child to raise.  I had a terrible, terrible temper.  As in anger-management-worthy temper.  But of course, any time my parents suggested anger management, I would just get angrier.  So I’m sure that I was difficult in many ways and was at times a great burden to my mom.  But she wasn’t a yeller or a spanker.  She was gentle and kind and a master of the guilt trip (still is, in case you were wondering).  Because my mom is so good and holy, any time I do anything wrong, she doesn’t need to yell and scold, she just has to look at me with the disappointment shining in her eyes and I’m instantly contrite.  I imagine that our Heavenly Mother has eyes like my mom–so blue and bright that twinkle and shine when she laughs but can convey such sadness when we don’t do what is right.
Here are some specific memories I have about my mom:
When I was in preschool, it was my turn to bring the snacks for snack time, so my mom dropped them off, but I couldn’t go because I had the chicken pox.  I was so, so sad because I really wanted some of the chocolate milk that my mom had just dropped off.  I may have even cried about it.  So my mom bought me my very own little carton of chocolate milk.  The kind that comes with a red and white striped straw.  I’m not sure if milk has ever tasted so delicious.
When I was around that same age (and this was before the time of required booster/safety seats for children who no longer needed carseats), we were pulling into our driveway and I opened the door before the car was stopped.  My mom, who was scared, exclaimed and told me sharply that I needed to shut the door, then gently explained after the car was stopped that I couldn’t do things like that.  But I was really mad about it.  So I told her, “I hate you.”  She sat in the car for about twenty minutes and just wept.  I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever felt so bad in my whole life–clearly it is something that I still remember very well.
My mom is very strong physically and can endure a lot of pain, but it is unkind words and the casting out of the Spirit through our actions that would hurt her the most.  How much I regret all the times that I made her cry, and they were many.
When I was in kindergarten, my mom made me my Halloween costume–it was a giant yellow M&M because yellow was my favorite color.  She always made costumes for me.
She always volunteered in my classroom and would teach RAGS and would work on the PTA.  I was proud of my mom every time I saw her around my elementary school.
When I was young and was sick, my mom would sing to me.  My mom isn’t very confident about her singing voice, but as soon as I was sick, she would singe “too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra” for me.  And keep a pan of water by my bedside and a cool rag on my forehead.
My parents let me participate in pretty much any activity I wanted, making great sacrifices in regards to money and time.  But for every single concert/recital/performance/game/match/meet/etc., there was my mom sitting or standing there with me, encouraging me.  Reminding me that it was only a game and that I had done my best.  Praising me and engouraging me to be better.
Always there on the sidelines of my life, when she could no longer be in the game with me.  Encouraging me, praying for me.  Loving me.  There were a few more things that I wanted to share,  but I really have to go.
I just want everyone to know that I love my mom.  That I am grateful for her and the many sacrifices that she has made over the years to help me become who I am today and to give me an impetus to be better tomorrow.  My mom is the kind of person that all women should aspire to become and that all men should aspire to marry.  She is valiant.  She is true.  She is charitable.  She is loving.  She is compassionate.  She is righteous.  She has a testimony of the gospel.  She knows Christ as her personal Savior.  She is a loving wife.  She is the ideal mom. 
I’m forever grateful to be the daughter of such a woman and I hope that one day I can come even close to matching her in her excellence.  I love her so much.
I love you all, too, and hope that you have a lovely Mother’s Day.

About gwenogjones

I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, serving for 18 months in the Korea Busan Mission (as of September 7, 2011). I have a fanatical obsession with Snape and the Harry Potter series (in that order), I recently graduated from university majoring in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (Arabic). Prior to this major, I was working towards a degree in Jazz Saxophone performance; ergo, I love music. I also love reading, writing, painting, spending time with my friends, playing soccer, watching movies...the usual types of things early 20-somethings enjoy.
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One Response to Mother’s Day

  1. Heather says:

    I love your mom, too. As a part of our ward family she helped a lot of her other “children” to grow, as well. I’m grateful to be an adult now and to be able to call her a friend.

    P.S. I also remember the one time I told my mom those 3 dreaded words, “I hate you,” and the ensuing tears. Ah, the things we put our mother’s through…

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