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I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, serving for 18 months in the Korea Busan Mission (as of September 7, 2011). I have a fanatical obsession with Snape and the Harry Potter series (in that order), I recently graduated from university majoring in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (Arabic). Prior to this major, I was working towards a degree in Jazz Saxophone performance; ergo, I love music. I also love reading, writing, painting, spending time with my friends, playing soccer, watching movies...the usual types of things early 20-somethings enjoy.


Is very bitter-sweet. (No time to write more.  Sorry!) Advertisements

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What You Should Expect

Your brand new Jenessa has just gotten off the plane.  After the hugs, the laughing, and the tears, one question reigns supreme–“What do I do with her now?”  She is probably very different than the person you remember and you … Continue reading

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“You Ate What?!”, Korean New Year, and the UN

This past week was not the best for missionary work.  Not a lot of people want to meet the week before a three-day national holiday.  Or talk to you on the street, etc.  So we found ways to make it … Continue reading

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Three New Investigators and A Crazy in Disguise

Hello from Dynami Busan!  (That’s Busan’s slogan.  Every city in Korea has a one word English slogan–“Yes! Gumi,” “Smiling Geumjeong”–okay, so Guemjeong is an area in Busan, but the areas have slogans too.  I can’t remember what Jinnhae and Daegu’s … Continue reading

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A Month From Today

One month from today your time, I will be arriving into the Seatac International Airport.  One month from yesterday my time, I will be leaving Korea on a plane for Tokyo and then on to America.  That is all very … Continue reading

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Geumjeong, Oncheon, Yeonsan – Oh, My!

Hello from Busan, which is oh-so-much warmer than Gumi!  And a whole lot dirtier, louder and bigger.    Especially since we cover three areas.  That means:  three English classes, two weekly service activities, three area books, etc.  You get the … Continue reading

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Last Transfer and…Everything

I had this really epic blog planned out, but I find that I have no time, so it probably won’t be as good as I (or you) had hoped.  Sorry about that.   Firstly, I got some epic letters today–my … Continue reading

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